Maryam Amir: An Intersectional Approach to Spirituality, Social Justice and Female Empowerment



Maryam Amir is a passionate lecturer, author, and activist whose work spans spirituality, education, social issues, and women’s empowerment. With an educational background encompassing both Western and Islamic institutions, she synthesizes her studies to advance an intersectional approach.

Maryam Amir Academic Journey

After completing a Bachelor’s degree in Child and Adolescent Development from San Jose State University, Maryam deepened her studies at Egypt’s prestigious Al-Azhar University. There she earned her second Bachelor’s focused on Islamic Studies, including memorization of the entire Quran – a rare accomplishment for women. This spiritual immersion at the historic mosque and university fueled her passion for unlocking the empowering depths in faith.

Maryam further expanded her perspective during graduate studies at UCLA, where her research zeroed in on mentorship, identity, and critical race theory. Earning a Master’s in Education, her scholarship examined effective mentoring programs for students of color in urban high schools. She is deeply committed to advancing educational access and opportunity.

As a lecturer with California’s Hikmah Institute, Maryam frequently conducts seminars exploring the intersection of spiritual connections, social issues, and women’s studies. She travels widely to lead discussions for diverse communities on these pressing topics. Her lectures integrate sacred Islamic teachings, cutting-edge research, and real-world practice.

Maryam also teaches with the SWISS Institute, develops educational content for channels like Good cast Network, and writes regularly for prominent Muslim community blogs like and She is the director of Hikmah Publication’s Discover U.S. Muslim Heritage series – stories uplifting diverse American Muslim heroes.

Seeking to spotlight spiritual leadership, Maryam founded initiatives like Into the Revelation and the viral hashtag campaign #ForeMothers. These digital platforms feature women reciting and reflecting on the transformative wisdom of the Quran. Her new app, Qariah, similarly showcases women Quran reciters from across the globe.

Beyond academia and awareness-raising, Maryam puts faith into action through community development projects. She has coordinated winter relief efforts delivering vital supplies to struggling neighborhoods. Her humanitarian work stems from a sense of civic duty rooted in Islamic ideals of compassion.

With over a decade of study of sacred texts, Maryam’s lecture style integrates timeless spiritual insights with contemporary questions of identity, purpose, and social responsibility. Her nuanced understanding of Islamic heritage enriches interfaith dialogue. Yet her activism remains grounded in serving real human needs – from education to poverty alleviation.

Maryam Amir’s multifaceted contributions as a scholar, speaker, and changemaker illustrate the power of linking spiritual growth to social progress. Through elevating empowered female voices and cross-cultural exchange, she bridges religious divides to advance universal ideals of human dignity.

Areas of Expertise

As a lecturer with Hikmah Institute, Maryam leads seminars on spiritual connections, social issues and women’s empowerment. She also teaches with the SWISS Institute. An accomplished author, Maryam writes for prominent Muslim blogs like and Her articles and talks weave together spirituality, identity and contemporary challenges. This holistic perspective informs all of Maryam’s areas of expertise as an educator and writer.

Exploring Spirituality and Identity

Maryam uplifts women’s spirituality through digital campaigns like Into the Revelation and #ForeMothers, which feature female reciters reflecting on the Quran. Her new app Qariah also showcases women Quran reciters globally. These projects illuminate the transformative power of scripture. Maryam’s perspective integrates sacred knowledge, identity exploration and activating faith through social justice. Her nuanced approach inspires spiritual growth rooted in female empowerment.

Pursuit of Social Justice

Maryam’s academic research and lectures are informed by critical race theory and mentorship programs benefiting youth of color. She is committed to advocacy and activism addressing systemic issues impacting marginalized communities. Her pursuit of social justice is grounded in Islamic ideals of equity.

Martial Arts and Fitness

Maryam holds a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. She promotes self-defense and fitness for women. Her martial arts training builds both physical and mental strength. Maryam believes physical empowerment complements spiritual cultivation.

Humanitarian Efforts

Embodying Islamic values of compassion, Maryam organizes initiatives providing winter relief donations and supplies to underserved neighborhoods. She also fundraises for international development projects, believing that faith necessitates service to humanity. Her charitable work addresses urgent human needs.


An educator, activist and author, Maryam Amir’s impressive achievements integrate spirituality, social justice and female empowerment. Through lectures, research and writing, she fosters identity exploration and interfaith understanding grounded in Islamic heritage. Maryam advocates for youth opportunities and marginalized communities while coordinating humanitarian relief projects embodying Islamic ideals of service. Her Qariah app and campaigns like #ForeMothers showcase

women’s recitation and reflections on scripture. An accomplished martial artist, Maryam connects physical strength to inner cultivation. From graduate studies at UCLA to teaching institutes abroad, her multifaceted work advances spiritual connections, women’s voices and universal human values. Maryam Amir’s holistic approach powerfully links revelation to modern realities. She is a leading role model synthetizing traditional knowledge and contemporary applications to nurture communities.

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