Inviting our children

Inviting our children

Inviting our children

One of the most difficult tasks for me is how to raise my children. It is difficult because of my ego. That is the only plausible answer I can come up with because when they don’t act as I wish, it bothers me so. It is because I have built up a sense that I know what I’m doing. Although I may have some experience and some education in this field, I don’t know what I’m doing to certainty. I know my experiences and lessons in life, but I don’t want them to make the same mistakes. I want their lives to be more emotionally happy and righteous and GOD loving. It’s because that’s what makes me happy; and it took a long time for me to get there. I want them to just do it, because I know better. Do you know what’s is interesting? Even if I know better than them, do I know better than GOD?

Allah gives us an interesting formula in the Quran. [20:132] You shall enjoin your family to observe the contact prayers (Salat), and steadfastly persevere in doing so. We do not ask you for any provisions; we are the ones who provide for you. The ultimate triumph belongs to the righteous.

I am familiar with 2 ideas of parenting and religion. The first is an authoritarian approach that forces children to pray as their parents pray. They have no choice and some parents use physical force which can actually repel children from the path of GOD. We pray like this, therefore you pray like this.

The second idea is that the parents don’t pray. The children don’t pray. It is a household that doesn’t believe that religion is important.

Allah seems to give us a 3rd option. Pray and be a good believer to the best of your ability. Invite your children but don’t force them. Make sure that you are an sincere example, and invite and continue to invite.

Allah has bestowed an amanah (trust) on us in the form of our children, and it is our responsibility to nurture, educate, and safeguard them as they mature into productive people. It’s critical to take some time to consider and reflect on the role you play (or have played) in your children’s life journey. Do your children understand their relationship with God? Remember, everything they accomplish will be documented, and when their book is presented on Accountability Day, the contents will be dependent on your efforts! Consider this: what are you doing to ensure that your children’s book depicts good acts, excellent character, and actual success?

How sure are you that you’ll be able to report back to Allah and be accepted?

There is wisdom there. May Allah guide us  all who need it to understand it

Our objectives should be:


• To instill in them the belief in Allah’s oneness, To be devoted to the Prophet  S.A.W

To develop them and instill in them life skills and values that will serve them well as they grow into adults. Aameen

May Allah bless our children, Aameen

• To develop them and instill in them life skills and values that will serve them well as they grow into adults.

Inviting our children

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