Jesus in Islam and Christianity

The world’s two major religions both Islam and Christianity believe in the glory and nobility of Jesus (prophet Isa). Hence, each of parties claims that they follow his teaching and guidance. There are usually conversations and arguments having anger and rage between these two religious parties to prove that they are on right path. During it, they even forget having fair interaction and good morals. And as matter of fact, both of these parties have now forgotten that an intelligent person should obey the purified path of Jesus, not to waste time on proving that they are on right path.
Any ways, this article is to provide an understanding of who Jesus was according to Islamic scriptures. What is the status of Prophet Jesus according to Islam? Shall we worship him? Shall we respect and obey him? Or, can we ask him to help us in our daily life problems? We will be disclosing all of these questions to know and distinguish right path from the false one.

However, before we commence to know Jesus from Islamic point of view, let’s first know what the Christians think about him. Well, Christians have three main categories in regarding their faith about Jesus Christ. One of them think that Jesus was himself god. It means god, the Almighty and the creator of the universe came down to the earth in the form of Jesus.
The other type of Christians believe that Jesus was son of god sent to the world by his father. In this case, the Christians refer to the creator of the universe of having marital life and children. And the last group of Christians believe that the divinity is divided between god, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. However, according to some others, the Almighty god, Jesus and his mother Mary parts of deity. It’s significant to note that this faith is called trinity according to Christian’s scriptures.
In contrast to Christians and Christianity, Islam is the religion of Tawhid and monotheism. In reference to all Islamic scriptures, the creator, sustainer, master and discipliner of all the universe is none other than Allah (SWT). There’s no one who can assist in doing harder than harder task around the universe. Anyone who associates partners with Allah (SWT) in any of his attributes, is considered as pagan and heathen, and will never ever enter to Jannah. Allah (SWT) says in his book: “and your God is the only one God. There is no other God except him, the All-Merciful and compassionate” (Quran, 2, 255). About those who associate partners with Allah (SWT), The Almighty says: “indeed, Allah doesn’t forgive associating partners with him, and forgive any other sin rather it for those whom he wants.” (Quran, 4, 116). Furthermore, Allah (SWT) has got no wife, no children or parents, and no marital life. Indeed, he is completely distinct and unique from the human beings.
After that we have disclosed the concept of god and deity in Islam, we can say that Jesus could never be a God. He was a human and Allah’s servant. He came here to preach the holy message of Allah (SWT), and teach people that there’s only one god, the creator and sustainer of the universe, The Almighty Allah (SWT). He never claimed himself as god, son of god, or part of him. Then, anyone who pretends Prophet Jesus as a god or son of god, is in an obvious ignorance. By doing so, he is associating partner with Allah (SWT) which is diminishing his glory. In fact, these people are exaggerating about Prophet Jesus and acknowledging him what Prophet Jesus never claimed about.
Allah (SWT) denies the faith of all these three types of Christian parties evidently. Allah (SWT) says about those who consider Prophet Jesus as the God and says: “O owners of Book! Don’t exaggerate in your religion and don’t say about Allah except truth. Verily, the Masaya Isa, son of Marry was the messenger of Allah and his command.” (Quran, 4, 171). In another place of the Quran, Allah (SWT) says: “indeed, those who say Allah is the Christ son of Marry, have disbelieved.” (Quran, 5, 72).
Also, about those who think Prophet Jesus is son of God have got astray, too. Allah (SWT) says about them: “fare be from his glory that he has a son.” (Quran, 4, 171). Furthermore, Allah (SWT) says in another place of the Quran: “say (to them) that Allah is one. Allah is free from having any need. He doesn’t beget, nor is he begotten. And there’s no one like him.” (Quran, 112, 1-4).
Now about the third group of the Christians who believe that Jesus, Marry (or holy spirit) and the God all have to be worshipped. Because, all these three have created the world, and are the sustainers of it. So, Allah (SWT) says about them: “and don’t say trinity. Stop from doing it so, it would be fair for you.” (Quran, 4, 171). The Almighty says in one other verse of the Quran: “indeed, those who say Allah is one of three have disbelieved. And there is no god except only one god.” (Quran, 5, 73).
As a result, it is concluded that according to Islamic scriptures, Prophet Jesus was a human and a prophet of Almighty Allah (SWT). Same like other messengers, he was sent for the welfare of humanity and to reach them the true message of Allah (SWT). The message that insists on worshipping only one God, the true lord of the universe, the Almighty Allah (SWT). He never claimed the divinity or trinity. In addition, he never said that he is son of the God. These are all lies and false faiths created after him keeping billions of people in ignorance for thousands of years.

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