The Story of Prophet Nuh (AS)

Prophet Nuh (AS) is the first messenger of Allah (SWT)

Story of Prophet Nuh (AS)

who came with the message of Tawhid (unity) after Hazrat Adam (AS). Before him, no one from the human being associated parts with Allah (SWT), and they were all on the religion of the prophet Adam (AS) which is the religion of unity. As it is narrated by Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Abbas that between Adam (AS) and Nuh (AS), there was a period of ten centuries. During this, all people were on the religion of Islam. So, it means that all people between prophet Adam (AS) and prophet Nuh (AS) were on the faith of unity, and all the prophets before Nuh (AS) were ordered to continue preaching the same way Hazrat Adam (AS) was doing. However, the challenge to prophet Nuh (AS) was that his his time, people were used to associating parts with Allah (SWT), and doing Shirk.
Hazrat Nuh (AS) is the son of Lamik, son of Matushilakh son of Khanukh (it is the name of prophet Idress AS ) son of Yarid son of Malayal son of Qainan son of Anush son of prophet Sheeth (AS) son of prophet Adam (AS) . There is little controversy among Islamic scholars about the prophecy age of the prophet Nuh (AS). Some scholars say that he was 50 years, some say he was 350 years while some others including Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Abbas and Ibn Jarir say that prophet Nuh was 480 years old when he was blessed with the noble task of prophecy by Allah (SWT).
Anyway, when prophet Nuh (AS) was chosen as the messenger to preach the true religion of Allah (SWT), all the people on the surface of the earth were in the darkness of Shirk and sins. They didn’t know their true creator, good deeds from bad, and the straightaway of the lord of the universe. Nuh (AS) started in a wise and lenient manner to persuade them to find the lost track. As Allah (SWT) says about him: “without doubt, we sent Nuh to his tribe. So, he said: O my people! Worship Allah (alone), there is no deity except him. Indeed, I am worried about a severe torment (to fall) on you. (Quran, chapter 7, verse 59).
In another place of the glorious Quran, Allah (SWT) mentions him as he says: “without doubt, we sent Nuh to his tribe (preaching them) I am a clear frightener to you. So that you shouldn’t worship but Allah. Indeed, I am worried for you about the torment of sever day.” (Quran, chapter 11, verses 25-26). But it seemed that this message was a little strange to the people of Hazrat Nuh (AS). They just can’t take it that there is only one god except from all the deities they had made from themselves. Aside from that, prophet Nuh (AS) went a step ahead, and he uncovered the truth of one creator, Allah (SWT), and his blessings on them. He said to his people: “O my people! I am a clear frightener to you, so that you worship Allah, have fear from him, and obey me. He (Allah) forgives your sins and reprieves you to an appointed day. Indeed, when the final term of Allah comes, then it never delays, if you know.” (Quran, chapter 71, verses 2-4)
In such other verses of the Quran, Allah (SWT) explains how prophet Nuh (AS) was advising his people and clan. How worried he was about the result of his people. Prophet Nuh (AS) knew if his tribe proceeded all these evil actions, their destination will be nowhere but the fire of hell. He continued his task for nine hundred and fifty years being so honest. As Allah (SWT) says: “And without doubt, we sent Nuh to his tribe. So, he had been between them for nine hundred and fifty years.” (Quran, chapter 29, verse 14).
However, despite all his efforts and struggles in the way of preaching to his people, they became arrogant and rejected the holy message of the prophet Nuh (AS). They said to prophet Nuh (AS): “The chiefs of his clan who disbelieved said: we don’t see you but only a human like us, and we don’t see that anyone has obeyed you except the ones who are meanest between us. And we don’t see any nobility with you rather than us. Indeed, we pretend you as liars. (Quran, chapter 11, verse 27). Later on, some of the leaders and chiefs of the people of prophet Nuh (AS) said: “The chiefs of his people said: indeed, we see you in ignorance.” (Quran, chapter 7, verse 60)
This controversy was going on for nine hundred and fifty years. Every time Hazrat Nuh (AS) attempted to call them to the right way, they made false claims and spread propagandas against him. After a long time of advising, prophet Nuh (AS) finally lost hope of their faith and thought that there is nobody to hear from him except the few ones who believed and obeyed him. As a result, prophet Nuh (AS) asked Allah (SWT) to help him against the cruel pagans who were called for nine hundred and fifty years to the religion of Allah (SWT) but only a few of them answered.
Hazrat Nuh (AS) said “He said: O my lord! I preached to my people days and nights. But my call didn’t increase them but escaping (from the right way). And every time I called them so that you forgive them, they put their fingers in their ears, and wrapped their clothes and persisted (on their false thoughts), and they became proud.” (Quran, chapter 71, verses 5-7). Hazrat Nuh (AS) brings words to show his weakness to Allah (SWT) so that he will help him. Finally, Nuh (AS) says: “And Nuh said: O lord! Don’t leave any single inhabitant of the heathens on the land.” (Quran, chapter 71, verse 26).
With the feeble Dua of prophet Nuh (AS), Allah (SWT) answered him, and with that, the final days of his tribe had come. Allah (SWT) says in his book: “so, we opened the doors of the heavens with falling water. And we caused the land into wells so the water joint (from everywhere) on a decree that was made. And we rode him on a board having (or made of) pads and nails.” (Quran, chapter 54, verses 11-13).
Eventually, the unjust people from the clan of prophet Nuh (AS) were all drowned in the water that was falling from the sky and coming out from the earth. However, prophet Nuh (AS) and his followers stayed safe in the ship made by Hazrat Nuh (AS). The pagans and offenders tried to escape from the water to hills, mountains, and other elevated quarters. But nothing helped them. Since, once the torment of Allah (SWT) comes, there is nothing to stop it.

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