Who was Muhammad Al-Shareef

A Profile of a Dynamic Islamic Scholar and Educator

Muhammad Al-Shareef is a prominent Islamic scholar and educator who has significantly impacted Muslim communities worldwide. He is known for his engaging lectures, motivational talks, and practical advice on Islam and the modern-day challenges facing Muslims. This article will provide an overview of Muhammad Al-Shareef’s life, education, and contributions to the Islamic community, as well as his vision for the future of Islam and Muslim youth

Early Life of Muhammad Al-Shareef and Education:

Muhammad Al-Shareef was born in Canada in 1975, the son of Muslim parents who had emigrated from Saudi Arabia. He grew up in a multicultural environment, attending public schools and participating in extracurricular activities like sports and music. At 18, he traveled to Saudi Arabia to pursue his Islamic studies, eventually earning a degree in Islamic Law from the Islamic University of Madinah.

Islamic Work:

After completing his studies in Madinah, Muhammad Al-Shareef returned to Canada and began his work as an Islamic scholar and educator. He founded the AlMaghrib Institute, an organization dedicated to providing high-quality Islamic education to Muslim communities worldwide. Through AlMaghrib, Muhammad Al-Shareef has taught courses on various topics, including Quranic studies, Islamic law, Islamic history, and personal development.

In addition to his work with AlMaghrib, Muhammad Al-Shareef has also been active in other areas of Islamic work. He has been a guest lecturer and speaker at conferences and events worldwide and authored several books and articles on Islam and Muslim life. He has also been involved in various charitable initiatives, such as providing aid to refugees and disaster victims and supporting education and healthcare projects in impoverished communities.

Contributions to Muslim Youth:

One of Muhammad Al-Shareef’s key contributions to the Muslim community has been his focus on youth education and development. He has spoken extensively on the challenges facing Muslim youth in modern societies. He has developed programs and resources to help young Muslims navigate these challenges and develop a strong Islamic identity.

One of his most popular programs is the Youth Tarbiyah program, which provides a comprehensive Islamic education to young Muslims through online courses, mentorship, and community support. The program has been highly successful, with thousands of young Muslims benefiting from its teachings and guidance.

Vision for the Future:

Muhammad Al-Shareef’s vision for the future of Islam and Muslim communities is one of unity, progress, and empowerment. He believes that Muslims can thrive in modern societies while maintaining their Islamic identity and values and that education and leadership are key to achieving this goal.

In his lectures and writings, Muhammad Al-Shareef emphasizes the importance of community building and social activism and encourages Muslims to participate in their communities and societies actively. He also advocates for women and youth empowerment in Muslim communities and promotes a positive and balanced approach to Islam that emphasizes compassion, mercy, and justice.


Muhammad Al-Shareef is a dynamic and influential Islamic scholar and educator whose contributions to the Muslim community have been significant and far-reaching. Through his work with AlMaghrib, his focus on youth education and development, and his vision for the future of Islam and Muslim communities, he has inspired and guided countless Muslims worldwide. His work serves as a testament to the power of education and leadership in shaping the future of Muslim societies. His legacy will continue to inspire and motivate generations of Muslims to come.

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