Advice to our youth

Advice to our youth

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh

(1) Whatever you do to purify  your  Intention between you  and Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala), avoid hypocrisy in your actions and words.

(2)  Fear Allah and be determineds you  to do all that He Command you to do,and to forsake all that He forbids you .

(3)  Try  to imitate  the Prophet (PBUH) in your  words, actions and Attitüde.

(4) Repent3 to the Almighty  Allaah , and ask forgiveness often.

(5) Remember  Allah in all your actions and deeds.

(6)Accept all religious rulings, do not say that you you agee with Them according to your intellect  or understanding.  Remember that Allah  mind    also as the limit  of what it can  see  just as the eye  has the Limit of  what He can see.

(7) Stay with religious  teachers,  respect them and benefit from  them. teach your  family  to do the same. Teachers are the heirs of the Prophets!

(8) Listen to the sermon and apply what you hear.

(9)Accept  the truth  Wherever  it comes from. From  the  mouth  of a child or an adult,  and shub pride  and arrogance.

O Allaah  Purify  our hearts,  bless us and our familys and friends, Aameen ya Allah

Advice to our youth

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