What’s IMAAN ?

 what is Imaan


The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) said: ”  it’s  (Imaan)  that you simply  believe  Allah and His angels and His Books and His Messengers and  within the  Latter Day, and in Qadar (destiny), both in its good and in its bad aspects … ”
[al-Bukhari and Muslim]

Signs of a weak commit sins and feel no guilt.
2. Have  a tough  heart and no desire to read the Quran.

3. Feeling too lazy  to try to do   good deeds, p. Eg being late for salad

4. Neglecting the Sunnah.
5. Have mood swings,  for instance  being upset over insignificant things and upset and irritated most of the time.
6. Feeling nothing when  being attentive to  verses from the Qur’an,  for instance , when Allah warns us of punishments and His promise  of fine  news.
7. Finding difficulty in remembering Allah and doing dhikr.
8.  Do not feel bad after you do things against the Shariah.
9. Desiring status and wealth.
10. Being mean and greedy, that is, not needing to  dispense with  wealth.
11. Command others  to try to to  good works  once we  do not  practice them ourselves.
12. Be pleased when things  don’t seem to be  progressing for others.
13. Worrying about whether something is haram  or simply  halal; and not avoiding macro things (not recommended).


In Islamic theology, iman refers to a believer’s faith in Islam’s metaphysical qualities. The belief in the six articles of religion, known as arkn al-mn, is the most basic definition. A Muslim is not a true Muslim if they do not believe in any of the six pillars of Iman. The term Iman is defined in both the Quran and the well-known Hadith of Gabriel. Iman must be followed with good deeds, according to the Quran, and the two combined are required for admittance into Paradise. Iman, along with Islam and Ihsan, is one of the three elements of the Islamic religion according to Gabriel’s Hadith. Within and outside of Islam, there is a discussion about the relationship between faith and reason in religion, as well as the relative importance of each.

The one who is weak in faith gets bored when he hears the Qur’an being recited, and cannot continue reading it. Whenever he opens the mus-haf, he soon closes it again.

Weak imaan can not protect your heart from breaking over and over again, save your heart by strengthening your imaan.


He who is weak in faith becomes bored when he hears the Qur’an recited  and can’t  still  read it. Whenever he opens the mus-haf, he soon closes it The weak magnet can’t protect your heart from breaking over and  once again , save your heart by strengthening your magnet.

No matter how weak you think that  your imaan has become, never let your five daily prayers and your relationship with the Quran get away .

“Whoever prays five times each day is protected by Allah, and whoever is protected by Allah  can’t be  harmed by anyone.   

May Allah make our  imaan strong and forgive  us ,and  guide us on the straight  path, Aameen. 


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