Islam and Atheism

in this article we discuss complete about Islam and Atheism. The now a days familiar word, atheism isn’t a new idea. It has its history from the very ancient times. Verily, the word atheism is derived from the Greek word atheos which mean godless. While atheism may have its relation with political or economic aspect of human’s life, it generally deals with the theology of humankind. However, atheists normally say that atheism isn’t a belief. Yet, it is the absence of belief on god and the spiritual world.
They completely deny the existence of a super power or deity for the creation of universe. So, if there is no deity for the universe, then there should be no prophet, no morals, no right and wrong, and no belief on resurrection. We could choose for yourselves what we like and want.
But if this is the case, then who created the universe with all its interesting system? Atheists were used to say that the universe was just there from infinite time. Indeed, there was no time in past where we would say the universe was in non-existence. And we humans, are just the result of the universe. The nature has given us birth and it will itself carry us to nothingness. However, with the modern researches and experiments in science and knowledge, this idea validates no more for them. Since, the theory of big bang shows that the universe came into being, and before that, there was nothing.
With the theory of big gang, their first claim was rejected. However, there are some other ideas and arguments indicating that the universe doesn’t have any creator, and that we humans don’t need a sustainer, lord or master to worship. Hence, all these arguments can be summarized in three points. And interestingly, these three points are also mentioned in the holy book of Allah (SWT). Allah (SWT) says: “Were they created by nothing, or did they create themselves, or did they create the heavens and earth? But they don’t believe.“ (Quran, 52, 35-36). So, as mentioned above, from these verses, three major arguments are discussed by Allah (SWT) about the creation of the universe. We will describe them in details below:
The Universe Came from Nothing: this is one of the most repeated sentence from the atheists. They think that there is no creator of the worlds. Indeed, we can say that the universe just came into existence accidently, or merely in coincidence. So, accepting this claim, it concludes that there was once nothing, and then the universe came to existence only in an accident, not according to a creator or his plan.
However, if we pay close attention, we will end up that this is completely nonsense. This idea contradicts with every type of knowledge, and rational thinking. I mean if we think for a moment and make a very simple example in our mind to see if this idea implies with truth or not. To be clearer, has it ever happened in the real world that anything has ever come from nothing? Accepting it means to deny all the beautiful innovations and inventions of the great philosophers and scientists who have been working from hundreds or even thousands of years. Those who have given the world amazing instruments, machines and other discoveries in the results of their hard working and struggling. If we simply say that all these discoveries have come to the world themselves, and there is no one or no reason behind their creation, then could it be justice to all those scholars and scientists? Will anyone agree with us? After all, does this claim seems to be of a normal and intelligent person’s?
The Universe Created Itself: This idea is also non-rational and non-intellectual. If we say that the universe has created itself, then it means that the action of creation is done by both the subject and object at the same time. Which is non-rational. For more simplicity, we can say that this is the existence and non-existence of something at the same time. It would be as ridiculous as if I say that my laptop made my laptop. Yet, if my laptop exists, then what on earth is the other laptop that my laptop wants to make? Or, to be a little messy, can your mother give birth you herself?
As a result, this idea is also in total contradiction with philosophy, rations, and intellects. We have to admit that it is impossible that the universe was created by itself.
The Universe was Created by Another Universe: this idea also has a massive deficiency. Accepting this idea will result in accepting an infinite numbers of universe. And that, as a conclusion, will send our universe to nothingness. You might think how it is possible. Well, if we accept that our universe was created by another universe, then the question is that who created the other universe? And if that universe was also created by a third universe, then who created the third universe? This series will go on forever, and we would never have our universe.
A real example of this can be sending a letter to one of your friends. Imagine you want to send a letter to one of your friends. But to do so, you have to get permission from your other friend, or friend 2. And that friend, friend 2 should, too, get permission from his friend, or friend 3. And then friend 3 has to ask for permission form friend 4. And imagine if there are infinite friends to get permissions from, will you ever send the letter to your friend? Sure, the answer is no.
Despite all these ideas about the creation of the universe, Muslims believe that the universe was created by someone uncreated to restrict the deficiency of point three. Then, one can’t ask that who created the uncreated one. Because, the word ‘uncreated’ itself means someone who doesn’t need to a creator. Also, one can’t say that this creator is the universe itself meaning the universe created itself. Because, the uncreated one should be distinct and disjoined from the universe. Or, if it doesn’t, the error discussed in point two will arise here, too. And if someone claims that it’s impossible to accept the uncreated one, we can say in that case, the error happened in point one will arise here, too. It means who created the universe, then?
Muslims believe that the uncreated one is the Almighty Allah (SWT). The one who created everything on the earth and the things in the heavens. He owns the authority and choice of doing anything at any time with full wisdom and intelligence. For welfare and guidance of human beings, he sent many prophets to them along with a guidance or a script. His final messenger is prophet Muhammad (SAW) whom the humanity has to follow. Otherwise, the uncreated owner and lord of the universe will punish them, and there would be no one to ask him why you punish them.

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