Why Should we Worship Allah

Despite all the deities the human beings have now elected to worship, Allah (SWT) is the only one who is truly worthy of our worship. This fact is confessed by Muslims though, some other people associate partners with Allah (SWT), or even deny the majesty of the God Almighty. But, we must worship and give honor to someone who has created us.
Before we delve into the topic, let’s understand what it means to worship someone. In Islamic spiritual studying, worship doesn’t only mean to bow down, prostrate or pray to someone. Rather than it, worship encompasses extensive spiritual and physical deeds in Islam. When a Muslim says that I worship Allah alone, then it basically means that all my internal (intentions or acts related to heart) and external actions are for the sake of Allah’s will. And all the internal and external deeds of a human include knowing or understanding Allah, loving Allah, obeying Allah and devoting or directing all our actions to Allah (SWT).
Allah (SWT) says in Quran: “and I didn’t create the Jin and human being, but to worship me.” The scholars says that the word ‘worship’ here means to know Allah (SWT). Then, it means knowing Allah (SWT) is identical to worshipping him. Indeed, this knowing this fact is evident. I mean how could we praise or respect somebody whom we don’t have any information about? How would we understand the criterion of someone who is unspecific to us?
Henceforth, when we have known the Almighty, we devote our love to him. And that love should be of level that has the highest degree. This is what narrated in one hadith of the prophet (SAW) stating that there are three criterion if found in a Muslim, would taste the true sweetness of Iman. One who loves Allah and his prophet more than anyone else, and that he loves something or someone just for satisfying Allah, and he hatred going back to paganism after that Allah has saved him from it as if he was going to be thrown into a fire.” (Sahih Al- Muslim, #165)
And of course, if we love someone, then we have to obey him. Obeying Allah (SWT) and his messenger is one of the radical of Islamic belief. Allah (SWT) says in his book: “say (O Muhammad to the Muslims) if you love Allah, then obey me, and Allah will love you. Indeed, Allah is the Most-Forgiving and Merciful.” (Quran, 3, 31). As we can note from this verse, obeying the commands of Allah (SWT) and his prophet (SAW) is the core of the worship in Islam.
Finally, devoting one’s acts to Allah (SWT) is the degree of Mukhlis (the chosen one) people. And this is the highest ever degree just after the prophets’ degree. Allah (SWT) says in Quran: “the Satan said: by your Majesty! I will astray them (the humans) all, except those chosen by you.” (Quran, 38, 82-83)
So, now that we understood the meaning of worship from the Islamic spiritual concept, let’s enclose why we should only worship Allah (SWT), or why Allah is worthy of worship? Followings are three main reasons:
Allah (SWT) is worthy of worship just because he is the true God. We must worship Allah (SWT) for what Allah (SWT) is, or owns, not for what he gives us, or satisfies us. In the holy Quran where Allah (SWT) indicates many bounties and gifts given to human beings, the Almighty also reveals that the main reason why people should worship him, is that he is the true deity. Allah (SWT) says: “and this Allah, your Master. There’s no god except him, the creator of everything. So, worship him.” (Quran, 6, 102)
And for more clarity, we can say that this situation is more near to our habits, too. We sometimes love or give value to somebody who doesn’t benefit us directly. For example, you are watching a football match. And there in the match, your favorite player, for example Zinadin Zidan, scores a goal. You would simply stand on your place, applaud for him, and cheer for what the player has done. However, his goal has done nothing beneficial to you. Yet, the athlete’s scoring has given you much enjoyment just because he is a fabulous player and you like him playing. The skills, talent and goal scoring ability in himself is amazing for you. However, it couldn’t benefit you in any manner directly. Hence, what about the majesty, power, and glory of the creator of the world? How much should we like him, and worship him because of all the attributes he has got?
The second reason why Allah (SWT) is worthy of worship is that Allah (SWT) is the creator, sustainer and lord of us, and all the creature on the earth. Allah (SWT) says: “O people! Worship your lord who created you and the people before you, so that you may fear Allah.” (Quran, 2, 24). In another place of the Quran, Allah (SWT) says: “all praises are to Allah, the lord of the universe.” (Quran, 1, 1).
Let’s just think a moment! The things around us, and those which are far away from us, the entire universe with its extent and vastness has only one master. And that is the Almighty Allah (SWT). Our earth, the sun, the moon, and all the other stars and planets that, with all the modern technology, are impossible to be counted and measured. And the only one who sustains, runs, and maintains them smoothly and without any deficiency, is Allah (SWT). Therefore, we have to admit that the only true god, and the only one worthy of worship is Allah (SWT).
The third fact for the human to worship Allah (SWT) is that he blesses us with uncountable favors and gifts. Allah (SWT) says: “The one who made earth a floor and heaven a ceiling for you. And descended water from the sky, then brought forth with it fruits as a provision for you.” (Quran, 2, 25). Of course, we are bounded with the bounties of Allah (SWT) that couldn’t be counted. If we leave all other things, and come only to our body, there are many bounties of the lord of the world that can’t be counted.
Imagine we decide to thank Allah (SWT) for each beat of our heart. According to biology, a normal human’s heart beats 60-100 times in a minute. Then, to say thanks for each heartbeat, we should say Alhamdu Lillah (All praises are for Allah) 60 times in a minute. It means once in every second, which is logically impossible. This is why Allah (SWT) says: “and if you want to enumerate the bounties of Allah, you can’t.” (Quran, 14, 34). And more interestingly, all these gifts and bounties are given us for free. Or, we can say these gifts don’t have any cost, or, can’t be found by all the wealth of the world if Allah (SWT) just wants to cease them on us. Therefore, the only one to be prayed, worshiped or respected is the Almighty Allah (SWT).
Actually, there are thousands of reasons why Allah (SWT) should be worshipped alone. These three reasons mentioned here are the core and significant ones. As a prominent Persian language poet says that every leap on the tree witnesses that there is only one God, the true God, Allah (SWT).

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