Do you know wuy jummu’a prayer is so important

jummu'a prayerJummu’ah Prayer

Jummu’a or Friday is a special day for the Muslims in contrast to all the other days of the week. Because, the prophet of Allah (SAW) says: “there is no better day on which the sun rises than the Jumu’a” (Sunana Thirmidhi). On this day, Muslims leave working, don’t get busy with any other tasks, and try to get prepared for the worship of Allah (SWT). Because, on this day, Muslims have a special prayer which is called Jumu’a prayer.
The meaning of Jumu’a is to get together, or to join, or a gathering. Then the Muslim scholars provide different opinions about why this day is called Jummu’a. Some of them say that because on this day, all Muslims gather for the prayer, therefore, it was called Jummu’a. Some other say that because the judgment day would be established on this day, and all the humans would resurrected and gathered on the ground of Hashr, therefore, it is called Jumu’a. However, some say that Friday was named by Jummu’a even before the prophecy of the prophet (SAW).
In any chance, as mentioned before, Muslims have an obligatory prayer on this day. Since, Allah (SWT) says in his book: “O you who believe! When the call for the prayer (of Jummu’a) is proclaimed on the day of Jumu’a, so hurry up for the remembrance of Allah and leave off your sell. This is better for you if you have knowledge.” (Quran, ch 62, ver 9). In this verse, the command for the remembrance of Allah (SWT) is given, and from which, the Jummu’a prayer is meant according to almost all of the Quran commentators.
Time of Offering the Jumu’a Prayer
The Salah of Jummu’a is offered in the Zuhr (noon) time, or the time when the Zuhr prayer is normally offered. But in difference with the normal Zuhr prayer, the Jumu’a prayer is two Rakahs, and must be offered with gathering (Jama’ah). Then the number of the worshippers that reach to amount of gathering is different according to the scholars. Some mention three worshippers with the Imam, and some say three worshippers without the Imam.
Where to Offer the Jummu’a Salah?
It is necessary to know that where to offer the Jumu’a prayer. Since, it is obligated on all the Muslims and therefore, its location should be pointed out. A big number of the scholars including Imam Shafi says that the Salah of Jumu’a can be offered in any Masjeed. Then whether it is in a town or village, but only if the Sultan or his representative is available. On the other hand, other scholars including Imam Abu Hanifa say that the Jumu’a payer has to be offered in a town while the Sultan or his representative is available.
How Many Rakahs and how to Offer Jumu’a?
During the life of the prophet of Allah (SAW), Hazrat Abu Bakr and Hazrat Omer (RA), there was only one Adhan for the Jumu’a prayer. But with the time, when the cities got larger and Muslims got involved in their daily tasks, so was getting late for them to come to the Jumu’a Salah in a short time. Therefore, Hazrat Usman (RA) ordered to add another Adhan before the first one, so that people would be able to prepare for the Salah.
The Salah of Jumu’a is two Rakahs, and it is offered in a normal manner such as the other types of prayers. But keep in mind that before the Jumu’a prayer, the Imam gives a sermon (Khutbah). And it is obligated on everyone who offers the Jumu’a to listen to it, and don’t get busy with anything else during the Khutbah. The Imam gives sermon that includes praising of Allah (SWT), sending Salah on the prophet (SAW) and his companions, and recites some verse from the Quran.

What to do for the Jummu’a Prayer?

It is important for a Muslim to know that there are some Sunnah for the day, and for the Salah of Jumu’a that should be carried out. And they are:
Taking bath or Ghusul: Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Omer says that I heard the prophet of Allah (SAW) that he said: “when anyone of you intends to come to the Salah of Jumu’a, he should take the bath.” (Sahih Muslim, #1945)
Purifying Yourself: It is also from the Sunnah of the Jumu’a to clean and purify yourself well. It means to cut nails, wear clean clothes and set/comb his hair before coming to the Masjeed for the Jumu’a prayer. Since, the mother of believers, Hazrat Aisha (RA) narrates from the prophet (SAW) that he said: “if you purify yourself so well for Friday (so it would be so great).” (Sahih Muslim, #1952)
Use Muswak and Perfume: The prophet of Allah (SAW) says: “it is necessary for every man to take bath, use Muswak and perfume on the day of Jumu’a.” (Sahih Bukari, #880).

Rewards of Offering the Jummu’a Salah

Hazrat Abu Huraira (RA) narrates from the prophet of Allah (SAW) that he said: “one who takes bath on Friday, and then comes to the Masjeed (for Jumu’a prayer), so he will get as many rewards as one who sacrifices camel for Allah. And one who comes in second hour will get the rewards of scarifying a cow, and one who comes in the third hour will get the rewards of scarifying a ram, and one who comes in the fourth hour will get the rewards of scarifying a hen, and one who comes in the fifth hour will get the rewards of scarifying an egg. And when the Imam starts sermon, the angels (closes the book in which they write the rewards) and listens to the sermon. (Sahih Bukhari, #881).
There are also other hadith of the prophet (SAW) showing that offering the Jumu’a Salah has many rewards, and a true Muslim must not leave it once in his whole life if he can.

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