Do you know who is Hazrat umer (RA)

Hazrat umerHazrat umar (RA)

Hazrat umer (RA) is the one to whom the prophet of Allah (SAW) says that Satan will leave the path you go on. He was one of the bravest, the most righteous, the most committed, the strictest on the religion of Allah (SWT) and the most obedient companion of the prophet Muhammad (SAW). Knowing about his life, and making ourselves like him can deeply affect our Iman and deeds.
When the Muslims were under the offensive behavior of the pagans of the Makkah, and Islam and Muslims needed someone who can support them, the prophet of Allah (SAW) made a Dua about the two famous persons among the pagans of Makkah. And the Dua was that O Allah! Please give respect to your religion by any of the two persons. Whether it is Omer Ibn Khattab or Abu Jahl Ibn Hisham. And the lord of the universe intended to strengthen his religion by Omer Ibn Khattab.


Hazrat Omer Ibn Khattab (RA) was born 13 years after the birth of the prophet Muhammad (SAW) in Makkah. His father’s name was Khattab and grandfather name was Nufail, and he was also famous for his Kunia (or nickname) of Faruq. When the prophet of Allah (SAW) declared himself as the messenger of Allah (SWT), he was so harsh against the Islam and Muslims. But as mentioned above, with the Dua of the prophet (SAW), Allah (SWT) guided him to the straight path of Islam. He became a Muslim when he was 27 years. Once he converted to Islam, he apparently confessed it before the pagans of Makkah without having any fear, and started to call people to the religion of Islam.
After that, Hazrat Umer (RA) took part in promoting the Islam from all aspects. He helped the prophet (SAW) and other Muslims financially and with the preaching of Islam. He told to the prophet (SAW) that if we are on the right path, and our religion is from the god, then why we conceal our religion from the pagans? So, for the first time, all the Muslims of Makkah along with the prophet and Omer Faruq (RA) came out, circulated around the Ka’bah, and recited the Kalma of Shahadah loudly.
After that the Muslims were ordered to migrate to Medina, Hazrat Umer (RA) also migrated to Medina with the Muslims. In Medina, he participated in all the battles against the pagans with the prophet Muhammad (SAW), and never showed any kind of exhaust in following the commands of Allah (SWT) and his messenger. After the prophet (SAW) left the world, Hazrat Umer (RA) continuously helped Abu Bakr Seddiq (RA) in fighting against the apostates, and in other tasks of the Islamic government. In 13 Hijri, when Abu Bakr Seddiq (RA) knew that his last days have come, he selected Omer Faruq as the caliph of Muslims after him. And on 22th of Jamadi Al- thani, 13 Hijri, he became the second caliph of Islamic lands.
The caliphate period of Hazrat Omer Faruq (RA) was the shiny period of promotion, improvements, conquests and justice through all the Islamic lands of the time. This was the time when the two biggest empires of the time, the Roman Empire and the Persian Empire were broken down from the top, and Islamic flag waved on their lands. Islamic state stretched to east and west of the world occupying Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Khuzestan, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Khorasan, and some parts of nowadays Pakistan and Afghanistan. Some famous battle fought in his caliphate period are the battle of Qadisia with Persian Empire, the battle of Jalula, the battle of Nehawand, and the conquest of Damascus. In short, we can say that Islamic territory became the greatest and strongest empire of the time.
Furthermore, Hazrat Omer Faruq made several innovations in the political, economic, judicial and military systems of Islamic state. He founded bayt Al- Mal for keeping assets of Islamic government, made arranged Islamic army, brought the formal documentary system within all the formal departments of Islamic state, started the Islamic calendar from the migration date of the prophet (SAW) to Median, hired judges and governors for large Islamic cities, founded the two biggest cities of Kofa and Basra, and brought many other promotions in every part of the state.
His caliphate period was ten years and about six months. Finally, he was stabbed, and killed by a pagan named Feruz while giving the Fajr Salah. This was the 26th of Dhul Hajja, 23 Hijri. He was buried beside the first caliph of Islam, Hazrat Abu Bakr Seddiq near the grave of the prophet (S.A.W) in Medina. May Allah (SWT) bless him with his peace and mercy!

The rank of Hazrat Umer (RA)

The prophet of Allah (SAW) says: “Allah has put the truth in the heart of Omer and on his tongue.” (Sunan, Tirmidhi, 3682)
Hazrat Anas Ibn Malik (RA) narrates that the prophet of Allah (SAW) said: “I entered into a silver palace in Jannah, and I said: whose palace is this? They replied me: it is for a youth from the Quresh. The prophet (SAW) said that I thought it was me. But then I asked: who is that youth? They replied: it is Omer Ibn Khattab.” (Sunan Tirmidi, #3688)

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