The Four Nearest and Noble Angels to Allah (SWT)

Noble Angels to Allah (SWT)The Four Nearest and Noble Angels to Allah (SWT)

Angels are creatures of Allah (SWT) that are made with little difference than the human beings. Because, according to Islamic scriptures, a human is given both the lust and intellect while angels are creatures having no lust and pleasure. They always worship Allah (SWT), and fulfill his commands rather than having their own choice to select something for themselves. This is what Allah (SWT) says about the angels: “O the ones who believe! Save yourselves and your families from the fire, of which the fuel is the humans and stones. On which (the fire), stern and strong angels are appointed (to watch over it), they (the angels) don’t disobey in what Allah has ordered them, and they perform what they are commanded to do.” (Quran, ch 66, ver 6)

As the verse above shows, angels never ever intend to break the commands of Allah (SWT), and carry out what they are supposed to from their lord. Hence, this shows that angels don’t have any freewill and lusty powers in their creation. They don’t eat, don’t drink, don’t sleep, don’t have any sexual relationship, and thus, don’t give birth to other angels. They have the same number from the day of their creation until now. It means their number is neither increased nor decreased from the day Allah (SWT) created them. Also, another amazing specification of the angels is that they can transfer their figure to human figure.

However, among all the angels Allah (SWT) has created, four are the nearest ones to Allah (SWT), and have special duties to perform. They are Hazrat Jibreel or Gabriel (AS), Hazrat Mikael (AS), Hazrat Israfeel (AS) and Hazrat Izra’el (AS). Furthermore, Allah (SWT) has mentioned two of them (Jibreel and Mikael) with the same names, however, Izra’el (AS) is mentioned in the Quran with Malak –Al Maut. And the last one, Hazrat Israfeel (AS) is mentiNoble Angels to Allahoned in some hadiths of the prophet (SAW). Noble Angels to Allah

Allah (SWT) says: “tell (them) one who is enemy of Jibreel, so he has descended it (the Quran) on your heart by the permission of Allah.” (Quran, ch 2, ver 97). Note this verse mentions the Gabriel as an angel who brought revelations to the prophet Muhammad (SAW), and to the prophets of every time. From prophet Adam (AS) to prophet Muhammad (SAW), he met every messenger to submit him the messages of the lord of the universe. Indeed, he sometimes met the prophets in his real face, and sometimes, met them in a human face. As there are some hadiths of the prophet (SAW) indicating both the claims. A famous hadith of the prophet (SAW) narrated by both Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim shows that Jibreel (AS) came to ask some questions from the prophet of Allah (SAW) while he had human face. Also, in one another hadith narrated by Imam Muslim, the prophet of Allah (SAW) says that I saw the angel Gabriel in a valley near the cave of Hira, and he was in his real face.

The second noblest angel, Mikael (AS) is also mentioned in the Quran, as Allah (SWT) says: “one who is the enemy of Allah, his angels, his messengers, Jibreel and Mikael, so Allah is (also) the enemy of heathens.” (Quran, ch 2, ver 98). Furthermore, Mikael (AS) is mentioned in some hadiths of the prophet Muhammad (SAW), too. Hazrat Sa’d (RA) says that I saw two men on the day of (the battle of) Uhud standing to the right and left of prophet (SAW), wearing too white cloths. I have never seen them before and after this day. They were Jibreel and Mikael. (Sahih Muslim, #5994).

The third angel, Hazrat Israfeel (AS) isn’t mentioned in the holy Quran. However, some hadiths of the prophet of Allah (SAW) contain his name. As in one hadith of the prophet of Allah (SAW) narrated by the mother of believers, Hazrat Aisha (RA), she says when the prophet of Allah (SAW) made a Dua’ during the night, he would say: “O the lord of Jibreel, Mikael and Israfeel” (Sahih Muslim, #1805). Also, in another hadith of the prophet of Allah (SAW) narrated by Imam Tirmidhi, the prophet of Allah (SAW) says: the trumpet owner has the trumpet in his mouth waiting for the time when he will be ordered to blow it.” And according to the scholars, the trumpet owner is the angel Israfeel (AS), and he has the task to blow it on the Day of Judgment. And with blowing the trumpet, the whole universe will be destroyed.

And the fourth and final noble angel is Izra’el (AS), also named in the Quran with Malak Al- Maut. Allah (SWT) says: “say Malak Al- Maut will capture your souls who is assigned upon you.” (Quran, ch 32, ver 11). Thus, this verse of the Quran shows that the angel Izra’el or Malak Al- Maut is ordered by his lord to capture the souls of the humankind and make them die. Also, this angel is mentioned in some hadiths of the prophet of Allah (SAW), as the story of Malak Al- maut with prophet Adam (AS) is narrated by Imam Tirmidhi, and with prophet Musa (AS) by Imam Muslim.

Noble Angels to Allah

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