Story of Kab ibn Malik: The Poet and Companion of Prophet Muhammad”

It is the event of nine Hijri when the prophet of Allah (SAW) ordered the Muslims to prepare for the big battle against the Roman Empire. Actually, it was the biggest and toughest battle for Muslims since their campaign of Islamic Da’wah. And this happened at the time when it was summer days, and the Muslims were busy with harvesting from their dates gardens. So, the Muslims were excited about making a good earning from their harvest, specially, when it was a good year compared to other ones for their garden fruitage.

But the order of Allah (SWT) and his messenger was way important for the true believers. They started to get prepared to conflict one of the greatest empire of the time even in such hot, but productive and fertile season. Every one of Muslims male who had the ability to fight, and some means to reach him to the battle place, suddenly converted their mind toward the battle and provided themselves to go out with the prophet of Allah (SAW). Except some Muslims who didn’t have the ability to go out for the battle, or were disabled, or couldn’t afford anything for riding to the battle ground. Furthermore, the hypocrites who appeared themselves as true believers, but were cheating the Muslims also didn’t go out with the prophet (SAW) for the battle. They made several excuses for not joining the Islamic army and stayed in Medina to harvest from their gardens.
However, there were few true believers who were neither disabled nor hypocrites. Also, they had the capability and a ride to go out with the Islamic army, but they still didn’t. The Islamic scholars say that they were ten people from Suhabah who stayed from going out to the battle.
Anyway, the prophet of Allah (SAW) and all the other companions of the prophet went out for the battle. But when they reached the place of Tabuk (and therefore, this battle is called the battle of Tabuk), they got the news that the Romans have regressed from fighting the Muslims and the war ended without any fight. The prophet (SAW) and his companions stayed in the ground of Tabuk for some days, and then return back to Medina. Allah (SWT) only tested the believers and then freed them without any deaths and wounds.
When the prophet of Allah (SAW) arrived to Medina, all the people (mostly the Hippocrates) who didn’t join the prophet and the Suhabah for the battle came to the prophet (SAW) and made several excuses about why they didn’t go out to the battle. The prophet (SAW) accepted their excuses and made Dua of forgiveness for them. However, the ten true believers didn’t make any excuse and they intended to reveal all what’s true. Among them, seven Suhabah went to Masjid Al- Nabavi and chained themselves with the pillars of the Masjid. They swore by Allah they won’t unchain themselves until the prophet (SAW) himself does it.
But the story of the rest three Suhabah were a little different. They were although free, but in a very tough situation. The scholars say that these Suhabah were Hazrat Ka’b ibn Malik, Hazrat Murarah ibn Rabi’ and Hazrat Hilal ibn Umaiya (RA). Allah (SWT) tested them for what they had done. Hazrat Ka’b ibn Malik, one of these three, narrates his story as follows:
At the time the prophet (SAW) commanded the Muslims to depart for the battle, I had no problem that could resist me from joining the Islamic army. By Allah, I had enough food, wealth and two rides to ride. But I stayed from the army thinking that I can depart for the battle any other time, and can join them on the way even after a small delay. I was thinking and making such plans every second day, and the Satan was trying to stop me from joining the army. Eventually, the Islamic army reached Tabuk, and I couldn’t manage to join them.
However, the Muslims didn’t have any battle with the opponent, and they returned to Medina safely. When the Islamic army got closer to the city, I made several excuses in my mind to tell the prophet (SAW), and thereby, release myself from the wrath of the prophet (SAW). Although, I finally decided not to lie to the prophet (SAW), and to describe exactly what was the story with me.
The prophet’s habit was to enter to Masjid Al- Nabavi, and offer two Rakahs after he arrived to Medina from every journey. So, after getting informed that the prophet of Allah (SAW) is in the Masjid, I went to the Masjid to meet the prophet (SAW). When the prophet of Allah (SAW) saw me, he asked me smilingly (smile of wrath): “what resisted you from fighting in the way of Allah O Ka’b?” I described my story of delaying from the battle exactly and without any lie or exaggeration. So, the prophet of Allah (SAW) said: “OK then go until Allah decides about you.”
Hazrat Ka’b ibn Malik (RA) adds: after the prophet (SAW) delayed our (the three Suhabah) issue until Allah (SWT) makes any decision about, he (SAW) then ordered all the Muslims not to talk to us. As a result, no one talked, or even offer Salam to us. And when we offered Salam to other Muslims, they were not replying us. With this order of the prophet (SAW), all our world was completely changed. We were among friends, relatives and all the people but were strangers to them, and they were strangers to us.
My two other friends, Hilal and Murarah entirely left the outside-world, and stayed at their homes. They were crying to Allah during the day and night and seeking Allah’s forgiveness. But since, I was younger than them, I was coming out, meeting the people and joining them in every event, but only like a stranger. I was going to the Masjid, saying Salam to the prophet (SAW) and his companions, but no one was replying me.
I was in the same situation when one day, I got a letter from the king of Ghasan inviting me to come to Ghasan, and that I will be most welcomed there. I said with myself that it is another test from Allah (SWT) that I pagan is inviting me to join them against the Muslims. I took the letter, and threw it in the fire (so that I would never have access to it for even reading it again).
After forty days being in such a situation, one day, a courier of the prophet of Allah (SAW) told me to separate my wife from me. I asked him: shall divorce her or only physical separation? He said: no only physical separation. The same message was sent to my other two friends. So, After being separated from my wife, I got so stressed and stressed. Because, she was the only one I could talk to. However, I continued to suffer (thinking that this is also an examination from Allah).
On day, when fifty days of our test were passed, I was sitting on the roof of my house after the prayer of Fajr, and thinking about the same issue. I had the feeling as if the entire earth was compressed on me with all its width. I was in the same thoughts when I suddenly heard the sound of someone saying: congratulations O Ka’b ibn Malik! Your repentant is accepted and you are forgiven. I fell on the prostration while crying from the happiness.
I quickly came out from my house, intending the Masjid. On the way to Masjid, many people were meeting me and giving me congratulations for the acceptance of my repentant. When I entered the Masjid, the prophet’s face was full of smile. The prophet (SAW) said: congratulations to you O Ka’b ibn Malik! Congratulations for the most blessed day in your life. I asked the prophet (SAW): O prophet of Allah! Is it from you or from Allah? No, it is from Allah, the prophet (SAW) replied.
Allah (SWT) says about these three persons: “and (Allah has relented) toward the three persons whose decision was delayed, until the earth was strained on them despite its vastness and their souls became straitened for them. And they thought that there is no refuge from Allah but to him. Then Allah focused on them so that they may repent. Indeed, Allah is the Most-forgiving and so Merciful.” (Quran, ch 9, ver 118).

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