The state of mothers in Islam

The State of mothers in Islam
The state of mothers in Islam


And we have commanded the man regarding his parents – his mother endures him with fainting on fainting and his weaning takes two years – saying: Be grateful to me and your two parents; for me it is the eventual coming. And if they tell you that you should associate with me what you do not know, do not obey them, and keep company with them in this world with goodness… ”(The Koran, 31: 14-15)“ And your Lord has ordained that you serve no one but Him and kindness to your parents “(The Koran, 17:23). “The sky lies under the feet of mothers.” (Prophet of Islam) “To look at the father and mother with affection and kindness is devotion” (Prophet of the slam). “God’s satisfaction lies in the consent of the parents, and his anger in their anger.” (Prophet of Islam) “If you want God to grant you a long life, If a son wishes to observe a recommended fast for the sake of spiritual reward or to undertake a religiously recommended journey, but his mother forbids him, it is incumbent upon him to obey his mother; And if he disobeys her in this regard, not only does he not get a spiritual reward, but his refusal to obey also means committing a sin.

Another case, in which the order of a mother is respected even in comparison with the command of God, is when a binding divine order meets the prohibition of a mother, on the condition that the action in question does not fit into the imperative and obligatory commands such as daily prayer, or fasting in the month of Ramadan. In such a case, obeying a mother’s command is prior to God’s command. , must participate in the battle, but if a young man possesses all the qualifications to participate in the holy war, except that his mother does not allow him to go (on the condition that his non-participation does not cause any harm to Muslims) , he can refrain from participating in the war solely because of his mother’s prohibition, and decides to stay by his side.The state of mothers in Islam

A man approached the Noble Prophet of Islam and said, “O prophet of God! I am young and vigorous, and I am ready for action and service, and I wish to go to the front lines of the battle for the advancement of Islam, but my mother won’t let me leave her and go to war. “The Noble Prophet said:” Go and stay with your mother. I swear by the God who chose me as a prophet that the spiritual reward you receive for serving her even one night and making her happy with your presence is greater than a -year of war. holy. “1 Islam considers respect for parents and observance of their rights to be the highest duty of people after divine mandates. The Qur’an says in this regard: أَنِ اشْكُرْ لِي وَلِوَالِدَيْكَ “Be grateful to me and your parents.” (31:14) Here Almighty God, immediately after referring to his own right, speaks of the right of parents. A man approached the Seal of Prophets and said, “O Prophet of God! Guide me, who must I be good to to fully benefit from my good deed?” He said, “Be nice to your mother.” He asked, “Next to her?” The Prophet repeated: “Be good to your mother.” He said again: “And next to her?” The Prophet replied, “Your mother.” The man said: Who else should I be good to? The Prophet said: “To your father” 2. A man asked Imam Sadiq, “What is the favor that God has commanded in the Quran to be shown to parents?” The Imam replied: “It means that you should take an excellent and admirable form in your association with them and not force them to ask for your help in times of need, but try to satisfy their needs before they ask.” God says: لَنْ تَنَالُوا الْبِرَّ حَتَّىٰ تُنْفِقُوا مِمَّا تُحِبُّونَ “By no means will you achieve justice until you spend the goods you love kindly.” (3:92) If your parents cause you discomfort, you should not do it to them, and if they hit you, you should not hurt them. You should pray for them and give them nothing more than a look of kindness and affection. Your voice should never rise above theirs and you should never walk in front of them. The fourth Imam says: Your voice should never rise above theirs and you should never walk in front of them. The fourth Imam says: Your voice should never rise above theirs and you should never walk in front of them. The fourth Imam says:

و أما حق أمك, فأن تعلم أنها حملتك حيث لا يحتمل أحد أحدا, وأعطتك من ثمرة قلبها ما لا يعطي أحد أحدا, ووقتك بجميع جوارحها, ولم تبال أن تجوع وتطعمك, وتعطش وتسقيك, وتعرى وتكسوك, وتضحى وتظلك, وتهجر النوم لأجلك, ووقتك الحر والبَردَ ، لتكون لها ، فانك لا تُطيق شُكرها إلّا بِعَونِ اللهِ وتَوفيقه.

Your mother has the right to remember that she carried you in her womb for several months and fed you with the sap of her life. She used all her essence to support and protect you. She didn’t care if she starved herself, while you fed yourself to satiety; or being thirsty herself, while yours was quenched; or not having clothes while it was well covered; or to stay under the blazing sun while sheltered; She ignored her sweet dream and tolerated the pain of insomnia for your sake. She protected you from the heat of summer and the cold of winter. She endured all that pain to have you, and you can have her. Know that you cannot adequately thank your mother unless God helps you and
grants you favor and the ability to repay “4.
The state of mothers in Islam
The rights that have been determined in Islam for a mother, and some examples of which have already been mentioned, are due to the pains she has had in the development of the life and body of her offspring, so that after tolerate such back pain, she can offer a well-educated human being to society.
Naturally, only such a mother, perfectly fulfilling her maternal duties and raising a useful and competent individual with her general efforts, can enjoy these rights.


Narrated by Asma bint Abu Bakr that: “During the treaty of Hudaibiyah, her mother, who was then a pagan, came to figure out her from Makah . Asma informed the Messenger of Allah the Prophet (peace be upon him) of his arrival and also that he needed help. He (SAW) said: Be nice to your mother. “(Muslim) The importance of serving one’s mother is above Jihad, as stated within the hadith: someone approached the Messenger of Allah (SAW) and said:” O Messenger of Allah! i ‘d wish to travel and fight (in the Jihad) which i ‘ve got come to ask your advice ”. He (PBUH ) said, “Do you’ve got got a mother? “He said yes.” The Prophet (PBUH ) said, “Then continue her, because paradise is under her feet.” (Sunan Nisai ) briefly, always show gratitude towards your mother. Be kind along with your mother and never express annoyance, whether she is doing something annoying or not. do n’t reject her, speak quietly and pray for her. May Allah Almighty give us the pliability to grasp and obey His command
The state of mothers in Islam

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